Online PhD Programs in Washington

Washington Top Colleges and Universities: University of Washington, Washington State University, Western Washington University

Washington Top Industries: Health care and social assistance, retail trade, manufacturing

Washington Top Employers: Microsoft Corp., Seattle Tacoma International Airport, Providence Health & Services

Washington is home to numerous colleges and universities that offer some form of distance education, whether that is courses that complement an on-campus curriculum or fully online graduate and undergraduate degrees. For example, the University of Washington offers fully online master’s degrees in aerospace engineering, industrial and systems engineering, mechanical engineering, and applied mathematics. Meanwhile, Washington State University provides online undergraduate degrees in accounting, management, criminal justice, and psychology; and master’s degrees in business administration, sports management, agriculture, and engineering and technology management. Numerous private institutions, such as the City University of Seattle and DeVry University, offer online programs as well. The online learning format, particularly for students of online PhD programs in Washington, offers learners a great degree of flexibility. It enables students to earn a degree by doing their course work at the time that is best for them so they don’t need to schedule class time around everything else in their daily lives.

Your Online PhD In Washington

Washington’s health care and social assistance, retail trade, and manufacturing industries are the state’s largest by employment. However, Microsoft Corp. employs approximately 35,000 people, making it Washington’s largest employer, according to Career One Stop. Numerous online doctoral degree programs can be used to gain employment in these industries, including in management or software engineering. Online PhD programs in management can be applied to many types of business industries, including large retailers and manufacturers. Graduates of an online management PhD program may have the credentials necessary for employment as a top executive in a large company. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), top executives earned a median annual salary of $179,520 in May 2021, although the salary varied significantly by industry.

A graduate of a Ph.D. in software engineering or computer science program may also be highly sought after by Washington’s employers. This degree may qualify an individual for employment as a computer and information research scientist, which is a profession that involves the invention and design of new technologies. A doctoral degree in computer science or a related subject is typically required for employment as a research scientist, according to the BLS. These professionals earned a median annual wage of $131,490 in May 2021. However, these statistics are no guarantee of salary, which is determined by employer, location, and condition of the economy. In addition, these degrees are just a few examples of what can lead to employment in Washington’s largest industries. If you’re considering enrolling in a doctoral degree program, you may want to first consider the direction in which you want your career to go.