Online PhD Programs in Vermont

Vermont Top Colleges and Universities: University of Vermont, Community College of Vermont, Norwich University

Vermont Top Industries: Health care and social assistance, retail trade, education services

Vermont Top Employers: Fletcher Allen Health Care, Killington Resort Information Center, Mt. Snow Resort

Vermont’s higher education system offers some distance learning opportunities. For example, the University of Vermont has online courses that supplement on-campus programs as well as fully online certificate programs in sustainable innovation and campus sustainable innovation. The certificate programs are delivered through an online course management system that enables students to communicate with their professors and peers by email and instant message. It also features online streaming video and audio lectures. Meanwhile, Norwich University offers an online bachelor’s degree completion and six master’s programs, including in diplomacy, military history, and civil engineering. These online programs give students the opportunity to earn their degrees without disrupting their daily lives. This means they can complete their course work without rearranging their schedule by needing to travel to and from campus to attend class.

Your Online PhD In Vermont

Vermont’s health care and social assistance industry employs more than 49,000 people, making it the largest by employment in the state, according to Career One Stop. There are numerous ways a doctoral degree can apply to this industry, including in psychology or health administration. Psychologists study behavior and brain function, collect information by conducting interviews and surveys, provide assistance for individuals or couples who want to change their behavior, and work with physicians or social workers to treat patients. In May 2021, psychologists earned a median annual salary of $81,040, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). A doctoral degree and a state license is required to work as a practicing psychologist in Vermont. Fortunately, some schools offer online PhD programs in psychology, which makes it easier for an individual to earn their degree while working.

Retail trade and education services are among Vermont’s large industries. An individual wanting to work in top-level management or as a professor in a post secondary institution may do so if they have a doctoral degree in a wide range of business-related disciplines, such as in marketing, finance, accounting, or administration. For example, an online doctoral degree program in business administration could lead to employment as a top executive at a large company or as a business professor. These are just a few examples of the careers that are available for those who have a doctoral degree.