Online PhD Programs in Oregon

Oregon Top Colleges and Universities: Portland Community College, Portland State University, Oregon State University

Oregon Top Industries: Manufacturing, technology, forestry

Oregon Top Employers: Oregon Health & Science University, Cancer CENTER/OHSU Cancer, Oregon State University

People choose to enroll in an online PhD program for many reasons. Some do so because they need the ability to balance their career and their education. Others do so simply for the convenience an online education provides; students can work from home or anywhere with an Internet connection. Online students also often experience lower education costs; they don’t generally pay the fees on-campus students do, avoid the costs of commuting to classes multiple times a week, and don’t have to pay to live near or on-campus.

Distance education in Oregon is an important part of its higher education system. Various higher education institutions and consortiums offer online programs in order to make higher education accessible to Oregonians. Oregon State University (OSU), for example, offers online undergraduate and online graduate programs as well as individual online courses through its E-campus. It is also a member of the Natural Resources Distance Learning Consortium, which is a conglomeration of 10 universities that offer nearly 300 online courses related to natural science management.

Your Online PhD In Oregon

Two of the state’s largest employers are Oregon Health & Science University and Oregon State University. Oregon Health & Science University was founded in the late 1800s and today is one of the nation’s best biomedical research organizations. Its 14,000 employees treat nearly 250,000 patients annually, and the university received more than $109.9 million to fund research studies in 2021 alone. Oregon State University opened its doors in 1868, and today is one of the nation’s only universities that can call itself a land-, sea-, and space-grant university. It has an enrollment of about 25,000 students and 3,500 faculty members.

The University of Oregon is one university offering online doctoral programs in Oregon. It offers online PhD programs in education through its Ph.D. and Ed.D. in Education with a concentration in community college leadership as well as online doctoral programs in counseling. Its education programs prepare students to obtain leadership positions at both two- and four-year colleges; as such, students can prepare themselves for careers at one of the state’s largest employers, namely Oregon State University. Additionally, the University of Oregon’s online doctoral program in counseling prepares students for teaching positions at Oregon State University as well as teaching or counseling positions at Oregon Health & Science University.