Online PhD Programs in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Top Colleges and Universities: Tulsa Community College, University of Oklahoma-Norman, and Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma Top Industries: Agriculture, oil, and natural gas

Oklahoma Top Employers: Tinker Air Force Base, Integris Baptist Medical Center, and St. Francis Heart Hospital

The benefits of an online education are seemingly endless. Students save time and money, and experience a flexible and convenient education. Additionally, students have their choice of schools and programs all over the country because they aren’t limited geographically. Online PhD programs in Oklahoma enable students to maintain their career and earn their degree simultaneously. Moreover, because many online graduate programs make accessing peers a priority, students have the opportunity to network with people all over the U.S., thus opening up post-graduation job prospects.

Online education in Oklahoma has grown thanks to various state and college initiatives. For instance, Oklahoma is a member of the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB). This board created the Academic Common Market/Electronic Campus Program (ACM/EC) recently in order to provide online students with the same opportunities that on-campus students were granted with the Academic Common Market more than three decades ago. The ACM/EC program permits students in 16 participating states to take courses at in-state tuition prices from participating schools when special courses are not offered at the institution in which they are enrolled.

Your Online PhD In Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s three largest employers include Tinker Air Force Base, Integris Baptist Medical Center, and St. Francis Heart Hospital. Tinker Air Force Base is located in Oklahoma City and was established in the early 1920s. Integris Baptist Medical System has health centers, hospitals, and primary care doctors located in 49 Oklahoma cities and is the state’s leading health system. St. Francis Heart Hospital is a member of the St. Francis Health System and is primarily devoted to cardiac medical care.

The University of Oklahoma offers an online PhD program in organization leadership. This program may prepare students for leadership positions at all of the state’s largest employers and largest industries. Through this online doctoral degree, students have the opportunity to custom tailor their degree so that it matches the direction they’d like to orient their career. Courses are interdisciplinary, granting students the choice of those geared towards everything from communications to political science, thus preparing them for careers in large corporations, public administration, and much more.