Online PhD Programs in North Carolina

North Carolina Top Colleges and Universities: North Carolina State University, East Carolina University, and University of North Carolina-Charlotte

North Carolina Top Industries: Agriculture, textiles, and furniture

North Carolina Top Employers: Bank of America, Lowe’s, and Nucor

Online PhD degrees offer students flexibility, convenience, and the ability to work while earning their degree. Students don’t have to commute to their classes or limit themselves to local higher education institutions. They simply complete their required curriculum wherever and whenever their schedules permit it. Additionally, students avoid the costs characteristic of on-campus education, such as commuting costs, living expenses, and school fees for on-campus events and services. Given the demand for online PhD programs in North Carolina, the state took steps to ensure its residents have ample access to online programs. One such step was becoming a participant in both the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) and the SREB’s Academic Common Market/Electronic Campus Program (ACM/EC). Through the ACM/EC, North Carolinians have access not only to online doctoral programs in North Carolina, but programs in SREB participating states when a given degree or program is not offered in North Carolina college or university. Additionally, when students enroll in a course or degree program out of state, they pay in-state tuition. This opens up students’ options dramatically as they often must settle for their second or third degree program choice.

Your Online PhD In North Carolina

Several of North Carolina’s higher education institutions offer accredited PhD programs online that prepare students for working in the state’s largest industries and/or at the state’s largest corporations. A prime example is the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NCA&T). The university offers seven accredited online PhD programs. Its online PhD programs in Leadership Studies, and Energy and Environmental Systems open up doors to one of North Carolina’s largest industries, namely agriculture. Students in these programs will graduate with the academic background and skills to be successful in management positions as well as those in environmental sciences and sustainable bio-products. NCA&T’s various online engineering programs are truly extensive. It offers five online doctoral programs in engineering, including nanoengineering, mechanical engineering, industrial and systems engineering, electrical engineering, and computational science and engineering. Graduates of these programs are fully prepared to enter into North Carolina’s textile and furniture industries, as well as the Nucor Corporation, which is one of the state’s largest employers. Nucor Corporation is the largest producer of steel in the nation and retains thousands of North Carolinian employees.