Online PhD Programs in New Jersey

New Jersey Top Colleges and Universities: Princeton University, The College of New Jersey, Rutgers State University

New Jersey Top Industries: Pharmaceutical, agriculture, financial services

New Jersey Top Employers: Johnson & Johnson, Prudential Financial, Medco Health Solutions

The Garden State Distance Learning Consortium works to improve and expand online education in New Jersey. They strive to make the virtual classroom experience as engaging as possible through instructional technology, video conferencing, and more. Many New Jersey colleges and universities are offering online courses and degree programs. In fact, the National Center for Education Statistics shows that 27 of the institutions in New Jersey awarding advanced-level degrees offer online education. Enrolling in an online doctoral program will allow you to earn your degree around your schedule, without having to attend a physical classroom at set times, on set days. Instead, you can complete your assignments whenever and wherever you want, just as long as you turn them in by the deadline.

Your Online PhD In New Jersey

The New Jersey agricultural industry generates a significant amount of revenue for the state’s economy. In fact, according to the latest USDA Census of Agriculture, taken in 2017, agriculture sales totaled more than $1.097 billion. There are many occupations to be found in this field, and an online doctoral program in agriculture can put you at the top of the industry. Studying agricultural leadership can lead to a management or executive career at one of the many agricultural organizations in the state. Or, an agricultural science degree can be used toward a career in research at a firm or university. In addition, an agricultural education degree may qualify you for a teaching position at one of the top universities in the state.

The pharmaceutical and financial services industries are also leading industries in the state. An online PhD degree program in pharmacy can lead to a research and development career with one of the state’s pharmaceutical firms or universities. Your research may focus on finding and developing new drugs, and determining which properties, delivery systems, and dosages will optimize the performance and effectiveness of the drug. For those interested in studying finance, online PhD degree programs in this field are typically research-oriented, designed to prepare students for careers in research or academia. These specialists dedicate their careers to both educating future financial professionals and researching ways to improve the financial industry.