Online PhD Programs in Missouri

Missouri Top Colleges and Universities: University of Missouri, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis University

Missouri Top Industries: Aerospace, agriculture, mining

Missouri Top Employers: Boeing Company, St. Louis University, University of Missouri

Online PhD programs are becoming widely available in Missouri because more schools are wanting to tap into the growing population of nontraditional students. Online education allows many individuals the opportunity to earn a degree who would otherwise not be able to, due to the flexibility and convenience it offers that can’t be found at a traditional campus. Many schools are offering accredited online doctoral degree programs in Missouri. The Missouri Chapter of the U.S. Distance Learning Association is working to create more educational opportunities through online programs in the state, as well as improve the quality of the education being provided.

Your Online PhD In Missouri

Aerospace is one of the leading industries in the state, and Boeing Company is among the top employers. An online doctoral degree program can lead to a successful career in this industry. For example, an online doctoral degree in aerospace engineering or an online PhD in aviation and technology will give you expert knowledge of aircraft function, design, structure, and more, making you a valuable asset to any company in the aerospace industry. You may also be able to pursue a career in aerospace and aviation research and development.

Other leading industries in Missouri include agriculture and mining. There are a number of online doctoral programs in Missouri that will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed for a career in one of these industries. An online PhD in agricultural science can lead to a research and development position, while an online PhD in agricultural leadership can pave the way to a management or executive position with an agricultural company. An online PhD in earth science or an online PhD in geological science will give you expertise in geological composition, structure, minerals, and more, all extremely valuable knowledge in the mining industry. You may also be able to conduct research and find ways to improve mining in Missouri.