Online PhD Programs in Mississippi

Mississippi Top Colleges and Universities: Mississippi State University, University of Southern Mississippi, University of Mississippi

Mississippi Top Industries: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Mining

Mississippi Top Employers: University of Mississippi Medical Center, Nissan North America, Inc., North Mississippi Medical Center

Online education has gained popularity due to the flexibility and convenience it offers over traditional options. Advancements in technology and the quality of education being provided by institutions in the state have led to the development of many online doctoral programs in Mississippi. The National Center for Educational Statistics shows that online offerings are available through 15 Mississippi institutions awarding advanced-level degrees, including Mississippi State University, University of Southern Mississippi, University of Mississippi, and University of Mississippi Medical Center. The Mississippi Public Universities’ Office of Academic and Student Affairs allows you to search for online programs by degree type and by university. Therefore, you can search for the online PhD program that interests you and see which schools offer it. They also provide advice on how to apply for an online degree program.

Your Online PhD In Mississippi

Manufacturing and mining are two of the leading industries in the state. There are a number of online PhD degree programs that can lead to a career in these industries. For example, an online PhD degree in industrial engineering can be used in either field by applying advanced skills and knowledge of materials, equipment, procedures, energy, and communication to improve efficiency. In addition, an online PhD in geological science or an online PhD in earth science can lead to management or research and development positions in the mining industry.

According to the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, agriculture is the leading industry in the state and employs around 29% of the workforce in Mississippi. If you’re looking for a career in this industry, there are a number of online doctoral programs in agriculture for you to choose from, depending on what area of the industry interests you. For example, if you’re interested in a management or executive career with an agriculture company, you can pursue an online PhD degree program in agricultural leadership. Or, if you would rather conduct research and develop ways to make improvements in the industry, you may want to consider an online doctoral degree program in agricultural science.