Online PhD Programs in Louisiana

Louisiana Top Colleges and Universities: Louisiana State University, the University of Louisiana, and Loyola University

Louisiana Top Industries: mining, manufacturing, real estate

Louisiana Top Employers: BASF Wyandotte Corporation, Baton Rouge General Medical Center, and Dow Chemical Company

The state of Louisiana features over 150 four-year colleges and universities, as well as many reputable technical schools and two-year programs. In addition to traditional campus course work, most of these post secondary educational institutions also feature convenient and cost-effective online course options and degree programs. Louisiana is home to top colleges like Louisiana State University, the University of Louisiana, and Loyola University, recognized not only for their respective traditional campus programs, but for their leadership in online learning options, as well. By offering accredited online PhD programs and online PhD degrees, these Louisiana schools are committed to offering high-quality online education at every level. To continue cultivating innovative learning opportunities, Louisiana’s Board of Regents has developed the Center for Adult Learning in Louisiana (CALL), which provides adult students access to a variety of flexible course work online, from vocational to higher degree programs.

Your Online PhD In Louisiana

Louisiana has convenient options for students pursuing an online PhD program at one of its top schools. Louisiana plays a tremendous role in the global mining and manufacturing industries, and graduates of an online PhD program in international business may find lucrative career opportunities with an employer like BASF Wyandotte Corporation, one of the world’s leading chemical companies with 111,000 employees and over 350 production sites worldwide. Another top employer in Louisiana, Dow Chemical Company, a globally-recognized energy and services company, prides itself on combining the power of science and technology to find new power and sustainability solutions. For those students seeking a career in science or technology, an online PhD in engineering science or chemistry may help them secure a top position in this industry.

Baton Rouge Medical Center, another top Louisiana employer, prides itself on being one of the best places to work and learn in the state. An online doctoral program in health care administration from one of Louisiana’s top higher learning institutions may provide students with the experience they need to acquire a position in health care administration or a field related to medicine, nursing, or occupational therapy. Top-level jobs often require that the candidate has completed a doctoral degree program, or the highest possible level of education, in their respective area of study.