Online PhD Programs in Kentucky

Kentucky Top Colleges and Universities: the University of Louisville, the University of Kentucky, and Kentucky State University

Kentucky Top Industries: services, manufacturing and transportation, natural resources

Kentucky Top Employers: Houchens Industries, Commonwealth Health Corporation and The Medical Center, Western Kentucky University

Students in Kentucky seeking a higher education may find the state has more to offer than horse racing and bluegrass music. The state of Kentucky features over 125 colleges and universities that offer reputable conventional campus course work as well as convenient and cost-effective online course options and degree programs. Kentucky is nationally recognized for outstanding colleges like the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville, both ranked among top U.S. universities by By offering accredited online PhD programs and online PhD degrees, these Kentucky universities are leading by example by offering distance learning opportunities in addition to their traditional programs, in order to reach a broader demographic. The Council on Post-secondary Education oversees initiatives to improve the state’s higher learning system, and manages the Kentucky Virtual Campus, which delivers access to hundreds of online degree programs offered by Kentucky’s top colleges and universities.

Your Online PhD In Kentucky

Completing an online PhD program at one of Kentucky’s top schools is a wise move for any student aspiring to a career with one of the state’s leading employers. Services is one of the top industries in Kentucky and Houchens Industries, one of the top international employers in the state, is a global conglomerate providing trading and management services for high-profile clients. After completing an online PhD program in international business, a graduate may have an edge to pursue a high-level executive position at Houchens Industries. Students seeking a career in health care, perhaps through another of Kentucky’s top employers, Commonwealth Health Corporation, might consider schools like the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville that offer online PhD programs in health care administration and nursing, among other related fields.

While some skills are universally beneficial and may prove practical in many professional settings, such as business and leadership skills, others are specific to certain industries and professions. Western Kentucky University, another top employer in the state, may appreciate the general administrative and business savvy of a college- educated employee, for instance, but may be much more impressed with the qualifications of a graduate of an online doctoral program in higher education administration or educational leadership. In addition, post secondary teaching positions often require that the candidate has completed a doctoral degree program in their respective area of study.