Online PhD Programs in Kansas

Kansas Top Colleges and Universities: Kansas State University, University of Kansas, and Wichita State University

Kansas Top Industries: aviation, agriculture, and manufacturing

Kansas Top Employers: Cessna Aircraft Co., Ford Motor Company, and the State of Kansas

Kansas has much to offer students seeking a higher education online. By offering accredited online PhD programs and online PhD degrees through the state’s six public colleges and universities, Kansas is a national leader in bringing high-quality education to its own residents, as well as out-of-state students. Two of Kansas’ top colleges, the University of Kansas and Kansas State University, have repeatedly ranked among U.S. News and World Report’s list of top 100 schools in the U.S. In addition to the outstanding programs available via Kansas’ traditional higher learning institutions, the state also offers convenience and flexibility through online PhD programs at these top universities. The Kansas Board of Regents oversees not only all of the state’s many educational programs and initiatives, but also manages various out-of-state institutions with satellite branches in Kansas, through the Kan-ed network, which provides broadband Internet access and distance learning capabilities for schools, hospitals, and libraries.

Your Online PhD In Kansas

Many may be unaware of the global impact of Kansas’ aviation industry. According to, Kansas provides approximately 50% of the world’s aircraft, and 17.8% of Kansas’ residents work in aircraft manufacturing. It’s no surprise that several of the world’s largest aircraft suppliers, all located in Wichita, are also among the state’s top employers. After completing an online PhD program in international business, a graduate could be well on their way to a manager position at a company like Cessna Aircraft Co., one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, or Ford Motor Company, among the world’s most well-known corporations. For those students seeking a career in manufacturing or technology, Kansas universities offer online PhD programs in industrial technology and information technology for a more hands-on approach.

While learning valuable business, management, and leadership skills is generally important for many careers, online learning offers students the ability to focus and sharpen specific business skills at their own pace. Since the local government offices and various state agencies in Kansas are also major employers for many state residents, graduates with an online PhD in management with a concentration in finance, for example, may have a bright future in a financial analyst position with the State of Kansas. Whether students are looking to apply their skills in a global industry position, or fill a local job opening close to home, Kansas schools offer a variety of online doctoral degree programs, proving the state’s commitment to higher education.