Online PhD Programs in Idaho

Idaho Top Colleges and Universities: Boise State University, the University of Idaho, and Idaho State University

Idaho Top Industries: agriculture, lumber, and mining

Idaho Top Employers: Micron Technology, Inc., Saint Luke’s Regional Medical Center, and Hewlett-Packard Company

Idaho is a great example of a state that strives to improve its system of higher education by taking full advantage of the many benefits of online education. By offering accredited online PhD programs and online PhD degrees through its largest college, which is located in the capital city, Boise State University proves that broad efforts to further higher education are far-reaching, even beyond state boundaries. Many other top colleges and universities in Idaho also offer online PhD programs. In addition to the convenience and flexibility of online course work in general, online PhD programs in Idaho make distance learning programs accessible to any student, in any state, making higher education available to local and global participants. To promote distance learning, the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education has added such initiatives as the Internet Course Exchange (ICE), among others, to focus on developing e-learning course work, and incorporate new technologies into the online classroom.

Your Online PhD in Idaho

With agricultural, lumber, and mining industries that provide substantial resources to all of the U.S., Idaho’s top industries are always looking for skilled graduates of an online doctoral degree program. After completing an online PhD program in business & management, a graduate could be well on their way to a career in business administration, perhaps aspiring to a top-level management position with an agricultural export distributor, for example. According to the United States Census Bureau, Idaho exports much of the country’s overall minerals and mining products, as well as many agricultural products, like wheat, vegetables, and seeds, just to name a few. For those seeking high-level careers, potential employees of major industry manufacturing or distribution companies in Idaho would be wise to consider an online PhD in economics or a doctorate degree online in finance.

In addition to the obvious benefits of learning management and leadership skills through a business education, students may not be aware of the many other diverse career opportunities available in Idaho through accredited online PhD programs in one of the state’s lesser-known, but very powerful industries, such as technology. Students hoping to work for one of Idaho’s top employers, Micron Technology, Inc., for instance, may want to complete an online PhD program in Information Technology Management, or a related field, to enhance their resume. Among the list of top exports out of the state are circuitry, electronic materials, and raw parts and accessories for electronics and machinery, according to the United States Census Bureau. Due to the growing number of career possibilities in varied technology-related industries, Idaho’s top employers are looking for highly skilled professionals with the highest possible level of education, as offered by online doctoral programs in Idaho, in subjects like computers and information technology.