Online PhD Programs in Hawaii

Hawaii Top Colleges and Universities: the University of Hawaii System, Hawaii Pacific University, and Chaminade University of Hilo.

Hawaii Top Industries: Tourism, agriculture, oil and gas

Hawaii Top Employers: Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc., Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA), and Hawaiian Airlines, Inc.

Hawaii is a great example of a state’s higher education system taking full advantage of the many benefits of online education. By offering accredited online PhD programs and online PhD degrees through the University of Hawaii System and other state colleges and universities, Hawaii’s broad efforts to further higher education are far-reaching, even beyond its state boundaries. In addition to the convenience and flexibility of online course work in general, online PhD programs in Hawaii ensure that any student, in any state, can take part in distance learning programs. To promote awareness about the advantages of online learning, the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii recently published its recent research of Hawaii’s higher education system, making comprehensive recommendations for initiatives centered around online learning, and its universal benefits, to be implemented in Hawaii over the next three years.

Your Online PhD in Hawaii

With a booming tourism industry, as well as substantial agricultural exports and top oil and gas companies, Hawaii’s diverse state economy always welcomes skilled graduates of an online doctoral degree program. After completing an online PhD program in business & management, a graduate could be well on their way to a career in business administration, perhaps managing one of the many world-renowned hotels on the “big island”, since, after all, Hawaii’s largest and most lucrative industry is tourism. In addition to the obvious benefits of learning management and leadership skills through a business education, employers at Hawaii’s premier tourism agencies would likely also be impressed by a graduate of an online PhD in human resources or organizational leadership. And, for students drawn to communications-oriented fields, or those who have more philanthropic interests, perhaps they can create new ways to promote travel and tourism to Hawaii, with an online PhD in social and community services.

Other top industries in Hawaii, like importing and exporting agriculture and oil and gas, are equally appreciative of qualified professionals in their fields. Graduates with an online PhD in economics, for instance, could be eligible for a career at a major exporting company, shipping a large percentage of the U.S. supply of papayas and coffee out of the state, according to the United States Census Bureau.

These important players in the local trading economy also affect national and global commerce, so an understanding of finance and business, as mastered through an online doctoral degree in any of these subjects, for instance, provides a highly reputable skill set that is attractive to employers. As oil and gas is a powerful industry in the Aloha State, Hawaii’s largest oil and gas companies are also looking to employ qualified experts. Whether it’s an executive position, or a drilling technician career you’re after, the esteemed global oil and gas entities in this state seek out graduates of online doctoral programs in business for their top positions.