Online PhD Programs in Florida

Florida Top Colleges and Universities: University of Florida, Stetson University, and Nova Southeastern University

Florida Top Industries: Agriculture, government, and mining

Florida Top Employers: University of Florida, Walt Disney World, the State of Florida

Post secondary education with the state of Florida is overseen by the Higher Education Coordinating Council. This Council is responsible for influencing educational policy, providing information for students and families, and working toward increasing student access to higher education. In addition, the state of Florida is a member of the Southern Regional Education Board, which is a nonprofit initiative that seeks to improve public education. It also provides an electronic campus, where students can learn about online education, adult learning, and traditional educational opportunities.

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that there are more than 400 accredited post secondary institutions in Florida. Among them are 164 schools that offer online education options, including Florida State University, the University of South Florida, Lynn University, and Nova Southeastern University. Florida also has a Distance Learning Association that promotes the advancement of online education. However, students who do not wish to attend Florida colleges and universities have the option of pursuing online graduate programs from out-of-state universities, as many online programs do not require students to visit the physical campus. Students therefore have a wide range of options when choosing their ideal schools.

Your Online PhD In Florida

One of the largest industries in Florida is agriculture. Florida is known for its oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits. Agricultural experts are therefore in demand. Students who wish to pursue a high-level career in this field may want to consider online PhD programs in agriculture, agricultural economics, agriculture development, or sustainable agriculture. Upon graduation, students can go on to become research scientists, agronomists, crop production managers, and soil and plant tissue analysts. The expert knowledge gained from a doctoral degree in the field will allow students to make an impact in agricultural engineering and environmental science as well.

One of the largest employers in Florida is the state government. The state is responsible for employing a variety of professionals, including doctors, researchers, economists, scientists, and meteorologists. Doctoral degree graduates are needed to lead research projects, develop economic policies, and design environmental sustainability projects. Individuals with doctorates are also needed to work in public administration and education.

Another large employer in Florida is the University of Florida. Students who are interested in teaching at the post secondary level should earn a doctoral degree in the subjects they hope to teach. Students also have the option of pursuing online graduate degrees in educational administration. The university also hires professional counselors, doctors, and nurses.