Online PhD Programs in Connecticut

Connecticut Top Colleges and Universities: Yale University, University of Connecticut, and Central Connecticut State University.

Connecticut Top Industries: Aircraft, machinery, and agriculture.

Connecticut Top Employers: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, Yale University, and Covidien.

Connecticut has a Board of Regents for Higher Education, which governs public institutions within the state. In total, there are 17 colleges and universities that fall under the governance of the Board, including Connecticut’s state and community colleges. Connecticut’s public online college — Charter Oak State College — is also overseen by the Board. Initiatives put forth by the Board include a College Access Grant, a council dedicated to supporting education and workforce training, and an interoperability system council, according to the Board’s website.

More than 100 schools are located within the small state of Connecticut, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Of those schools, 36 post secondary institutions offer distance education programs, many of which include online doctoral degree programs. Among them are the Fox Institute of Business at West Hartford, Eastern Connecticut State University, and the University of Connecticut.

Your Online PhD In Connecticut

The aircraft industry is one of the largest industries in the state. As such, aircraft manufacturing companies employ many professionals, including engineers, program directors, and designers. Individuals who wish to work for companies like Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation should consider attending online doctoral programs in engineering. In particular, aircraft companies hire manufacturing engineers, electrical systems engineers, and flight testing engineers. Individuals who wish to become regional directors or other high-level managers should consider pursuing online PhD degrees in business administration or marketing.

As Yale University is one of the top employers in the state, education is another viable field in which students can establish careers. Students interested in teaching at the post secondary level may want to consider earning a doctoral degree in their major subject of choice. Those who wish to become university administrators should consider school administration programs. Other positions at Yale University include academic deans, counselors, and researchers.

Another large employer in Connecticut is Covidien, a medical equipment company. This business hires professionals to assist with manufacturing, inspecting, and supply chain management. Specifically, students may wish to consider earning an advanced degree in quality assurance, logistics, project engineering, or a field of research science. Covidien also hires professional medical educators, managers, and financial advisors. For those positions, students should consider advanced degrees in medical technology, business, or finance.