Online PhD Programs in Colorado

Colorado Top Colleges and Universities: Colorado State University, University of Colorado, and Metropolitan State University of Denver

Colorado Top Industries: Agriculture, education, and technology

Colorado Top Employers: Arrow Electronics, Dish Network, and the federal government.

The state of Colorado has a Department of Education, which is responsible for licensing universities, educating students and families on college options, and conducting research on current and future programs offered by colleges and universities. Its mission is to improve the quality of higher education within the state. It also works toward increasing college enrollment, improving retention, and facilitating higher graduation rates. It has multiple divisions to assist with these responsibilities, including a College Assist division and a Division of Private Occupational Schools.

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that there are 136 accredited colleges and universities located in Colorado. Of those post secondary institutions, 67 schools offer online and hybrid programs. Among them are notable universities that offer online graduate programs, such as Colorado State University, Colorado Technical University, and the University of Colorado Boulder. Students are not limited to those options, however, and can opt to attend an online program at an out-of-state college while living in Colorado. In addition, online degree programs tend to be highly flexible, which gives student the opportunity to attend to their other obligations without worrying about missing class. Online degrees may be more affordable as well.

Your Online PhD In Colorado

Technology is a strong industry in Colorado. As a result, Colorado is the headquarters for some prominent technology companies, including Arrow Electronics and Dish Network. Students who are interested in pursuing careers in technology may want to consider attending online PhD programs in engineering technology or online doctoral programs in computer science. Other potential career paths for students who wish to work for Arrow Electronics or Dish Network include management, finance, and supply chain management.

The federal government is another large employer in Colorado. As the government has multiple offices with different functions, it hires a variety of employees, from financial experts to scientists. Students interested in a career within the government should consider online doctoral degree programs in content areas like political science, international affairs, and economics. Engineers, environmental scientists, and geologists are hired by the federal government as well.

Education is also extremely important to the state of Colorado. The university systems within the state employ a large number of professionals, including post secondary educators and educational administration professionals. Individuals who wish to teach at the college level should consider a doctorate in their subject of interest. Those who hope to become educational administrators should attend doctoral programs in education administration or a related field.