Online PhD Programs in California

California Top Colleges and Universities: California State University, University of California, and Stanford University

California Top Industries: Education, health services, and transportation.

California Top Employers: The State of California, Chevron Corporation, and Hewlett-Packard

Higher education within the state of California is managed by the Post secondary Education Commission. This Commission is responsible for providing data regarding higher education programs, retention, and graduation rates. It also seeks to improve the quality of post secondary instructors. The Commission consists of representatives from the major post secondary education systems within California, including the California State Board of Education, California Community Colleges, and California’s private colleges and universities. Together, they advise policymakers, develop post secondary education initiatives, and provide information to students and families.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are more than 500 schools located within California. Of those schools, 328 post secondary institutions offer some form of distance education. Many of those schools offer hybrid or online PhD programs in California. Students are not limited to those institutions, however. As online education does not require regular attendance at a physical campus, California residents can attend online PhD programs that are located in other states. Other potential benefits of online education include lower costs and flexibility.

Your Online PhD In California

The California government is one of the largest employers in the state. It hires many candidates for a variety of positions, including engineers, financial analysts, scientists, and international affairs representatives. Students who are interested in pursuing a career within the state government should consider which field they wish to pursue. Potential engineering managers could benefit from online doctoral programs in engineering, while potential financial analysts may want to consider pursuing online PhD programs in finance.

Another large employer within California is Chevron Corporation. As an oil and gas company, it hires engineers, project managers, contract administrators, and other professionals. Individuals who wish to work for Chevron may want to consider a graduate degree in contract management or project management. Online PhD programs in engineering can also be beneficial. Administrative professionals with a lot of education and experience may also be able to find careers with Chevron.

Hewlett-Packard is another Fortune 500 company with its headquarters based in California. It employs computer and technology specialists. Individuals who wish to work for Hewlett-Packard may wish to consider an advanced degree in computer science, engineering technology, or information technology. Hewlett-Packard also hires financial experts, lawyers, and management professionals.