Online PhD Programs in Arizona

Arizona Top Colleges and Universities: University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, and Arizona State University

Arizona Top Industries: Health care, financial services, and government.

Arizona Top Employers: Wal-Mart, the Arizona state government, and Banner Health

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are more than 136 accredited colleges and universities in Arizona. Many of these post secondary institutions are for-profit institutions. Of those 136 schools, 66 offer online programs, reports the National Center for Education Statistics. Some schools that offer online doctoral degrees in Arizona include the Thunderbird School of Global Management and the University of Phoenix. However, students are not limited to the colleges and universities that are found in Arizona. One of the benefits of online education is that students have the opportunity to attend out-of-state institutions without leaving their current locations.

Online degrees also offer students the opportunity to attend college without having to sacrifice their careers or time with their families. They provide flexible curricula that students can complete on their own time. Online degrees are often more affordable as well.

Your Online PhD In Arizona

The largest employer within the state of Arizona is the Arizona government, which offers a wide range of career opportunities. Individuals who are interested in pursuing careers as government officials may want to consider attending online PhD programs in government or policy. Those who wish to be employed by the government as environmental scientists, geologists, or other science professionals can also benefit from online graduate programs. The state government also employs finance professionals, who can advance into management positions by attending online doctoral programs in finance.

Health care is another large industry within Arizona. In fact, Banner Health is the second-largest public employer within Arizona, according to The Arizona Republic. Though Banner Health employs candidates who only have associate or bachelor’s degrees, there is also a need for skilled individuals who have advanced degrees. Some examples of positions for individuals who have their doctorate include directors, vice presidents, and managers. Nurses who pursue doctoral degrees in business can also pursue careers managing for-profit health care facilities. Of course, Banner Health has need of doctors and surgeons as well.

Other large employers in Arizona include Wells Fargo & Co., Bank of America Corp., and JP Morgan Chase & Co. These businesses are in the financial sector and often have need of financial professionals to assist them with finance management, financial analysis, and risk management. Students interested in such positions could benefit from a doctoral degree program in finance.