Online PhD Programs in Alabama

Alabama Top Colleges and Universities: University of Alabama, Auburn University, and Troy University.

Alabama Top Industries: Aerospace, health care, and education.

Alabama Top Employers: Redstone Arsenal, Maxwell Air Force Base, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Alabama is a member of the Southern Regional Education Board, which seeks to improve college enrollment and retention. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that there are 95 accredited post secondary institutions within the state of Alabama. Of those 95 schools, 60 colleges and universities offer online education programs. Some universities that offer online PhD programs in Alabama include Amridge University, Columbia Southern University, and Jacksonville State University. Some out-of-state universities also offer students the opportunity to earn their online doctoral degree while living in Alabama.

Because they provide a flexible schedule that allows students to complete course work on their own time, the best online PhD programs give students the opportunity to work or attend to other obligations while enrolled. Students have the added benefit of being able to submit all course work through an online portal, rather than having to deliver assignments to a physical campus. In addition, many online programs give students the freedom to conduct most of their research over the Internet, rather than in a physical library, through virtual textbooks, encyclopedias, and journals.

Your Online PhD In Alabama

The aerospace engineering and technology industry is one of the largest industries in Alabama. Though there are many positions within aerospace companies for which students who have a bachelor’s or master’s degree may qualify, management and leadership positions may require candidates to hold doctoral degrees, especially within research departments. Students interested in leading aerospace engineering teams should consider attending online doctoral programs in engineering, as the programs will prepare them for the intensive research and supervisory responsibilities that are required by advanced positions within the field.

Another strong industry within Alabama is health care. Physicians and surgeons are in demand, as are support staff members. Nursing professionals who want to advance into coordinator or manager positions can benefit from a doctoral degree in nursing. Doctoral degrees can also open up director and president positions within hospitals, according to the BLS. Registered nurses also have the option of pursuing a graduate business degree and using the combined experience of the nursing and business to manage health care businesses.

Another strong industry within the state of Alabama is the field of education. The Birmingham Business Journal reported that the University of Birmingham and the Mobile County School system were among the top five largest employers in the state in 2021. For the best job prospects, students interested in teaching at an Alabama university should earn a doctoral degree in the subject that they hope to each. Students interested in working in administration or school psychology can also benefit from online graduate programs.