A PhD In Facial Hair

Yelena Skosyrskih

The coveted title of PhD is one of the most esteemed achievements of our society, and a majority of the most well-known contributors to science, medicine, and general knowledge have all been card-carrying PhDs. However, this role is not without its stereotypes: Consider, for instance, how many professors and doctors you know or have heard of who wield a thick, unyielding, face full of beardedness. If you do in fact aim to achieve the sought-after PhD, pause for a moment to ponder: If you get a PhD, is the next logical step to grow a hearty beard? Like any savvy member of the PhD club, you know that no important conclusion is drawn without the proper research and forethought. The pros and cons to sporting a bold beard are varied and will affect your entire image, from the way women view you to whether or not men will respect you. So as you consider whether or not to wax professorial with your post-degree image, think carefully: With the proper research, you’ll be well on your way to earning a PhD in facial hair.


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